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  • Project Details

    Date: November 2011
    Client: Adera
    Agency: Free Agency Creative
    Role: Interactive Designer. I was responsible for working on the interactive map and floorplans for the website and the touchscreen installation that was present at the show home.

Floor plan Design

Keeping in mind that the site would also double as a touch screen installation, I wanted the buttons to be clear and legible and not have the site busy with too much detail that users would find unnecessary. 

Points of Interest

I also had the opportunity to design the maps, with videos to highlight stores and references from locals.

  • Shopping

    A vectored map of the area gave users a clean and simple overview of the stores located around them.

  • Food & Dining

    For points of interest a little farther away, a zoomed out map gave customers a quick reference to what's available. 

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