Square One Project

An interactive web documentary about the lives of skilled immigrants in Canada.


In a team of 3, with Salim Hassan (Creative Director), Arcelia Ocana (Motion Director) and myself, each of us focused on our respective strengths. As the Interactive Director, I was responsible for all things UX and UI. Which involved: Research, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Hi Fidelity mock ups, Usability Testing, and coding the site in Flash. 

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  • UX Research

    We ran focus groups and interviews to determine pain points and see if any distinguished correlations could be found in the conversations we were having with skilled immigrants. This helped narrow our focus and gave us objectives to accomplish during the filming portion of our project.


The wireframes for Square One. Each element was called out to ensure the user flow was fluid and intuitive. It also kept me organized so I knew exactly what I would have to develop for the user interface. 

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  • UI Design

    The user interface was simple. We wanted users to be able to visually navigate through the site. Clear call to action buttons and videos throughout the site and the most important information was always at the forefront. 

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  • Awards

    The Square One Project earned several awards:
    Best Interactive Project - 2011 Salazar Awards
    The Jim Rimmer Community Scholarship for Design Award.

Case Study

For a more in depth look at the interactive process, please check out my case study below in the link. 

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