Scripted by experts, personalized by you. Twigtale helps you navigate childhood transitions.

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  • Project Details

    Date: January 2015
    Client: Twigtale
    Agency: Atimi Software
    Role: Lead Designer, UX, UI, ideation, wireframes, design documentation. 

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  • Wireframes

    Integral to each of my projects is the wireframing process, especially for an app that seems simple, yet holds multiple complex options. Wireframes help confirm quick user flow assumptions and design decisions.

  • User Flow

    Twigtale is a simple book building experience. The user interface guides the user through their objectives and presents options to the user when available, providing clear calls to action when customization of the book is needed to ensure a very personal product.  

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Instant Results

A digital copy of the book is immediately ready to be read with their loved ones.

  • Landscape mode

    To ensure a more organic feeling, the app automatically presents the digital book in landscape mode. 

  • Details

    Page flip transitions are also used to bring the realism of an actual book to their iPhone. 

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